Body love 

The ultimate in self-care 


Optimise your life with Ayurveda's daily health habits

 12 week online program

   Now more than ever your self-care is crucial!


  Body Love is a lifestyle based on Ayurveda's daily self-care practises. 

I'm happy to be offering this 12 week online program to you. 


Ayurveda is the art of living in harmony with the laws of nature, it originates from India. 


  It's aims and objectives are to maintain the health of a healthy person and to heal the disease of an unhealthy person so that one can live in balance within their body/mind and environment. 

If you would like to.....

  1.  feel calmer and more at peace within yourself and life
  2.  protect yourself against viruses and common sicknesses
  3.  know what to eat and how to make healthy, tasty food
  4.  be able adapt to life's changes with confidence and ease 
  5.  slow down your ageing process and feel good
  6.  have a stable self-care system in place that you can depend on
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This program is designed for you!

  • Therapists

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Mothers, Caregivers 

  • Health Care Practitioners

  • Anyone with a desirer for better health

You will….

✓ Strengthen your immune and digestive system

✓ Feel calmer more centred and focused

✓ Have healthy glowing skin and hair

✓ Balance weight and gain steady energy

✓ Learn how to find the time for you

✓ Slow down the ageing process

✓ Build a self care practice from head to toe


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My Story

 I first discovered Ayurveda whilst I was a full time yoga teacher living in Manhattan NYC.  At that time I was a vegetarian and dealing with sugar cravings which lead to weight imbalances, mood swings, painful periods and often not feeling good in my body or mind. 


When I came across a book called  “Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing” by Dr Vasant Lad, it spoke to every core of my being and within a month of discovering the book I was at the Ayurvedic Institute studying to be an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor!

  Ayurveda taught me the importance of deep nourishment and how to find that in specific foods and  daily self care practices.


  As I approach my 60th year I feel SO grateful for the Dinacharya practices which are slowing down my ageing process and giving me good physical, mental and emotional health.

    Body Love is a product of my work of adapting these ancient teachings and practices into a lifestyle for today's times which are sustainable and effective for you.

   Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience in helping people feel calmer, focused, find their ideal weight and have improved digestion all through practising Ayurveda’s daily health habits (Dinacharya). 

It is my hope that you will step on this path and let me guide you along it to reach your optimal health.



 I am so happy to have done the Body Love program

 I have learned many healthy habits that I make part of my daily practice. Usha is very knowledgeable and encouraging the whole way through. She reminded us how to give “body love” to ourselves and make the changes lasting.  Mary Meade

 I want to stay on this self-care path because I feel so good 

 Through the practice of dry skin brushing and self massage I really connect with my body, I notice areas that need extra attention, like sore knees or tired legs and feel the immediate benefits afterwards that last me through out my day.  Ayla Douglas

WHAT WE’LL COVER IN the course

Week 1: Orientation  

Week 2: How to end your day                                           

Week 3: How to start your day 

Week 4: Oral care  

Week 5: Body care

Week 6: Breathing practices

Week 7: Exercise for the Doshas

Week 8: Sitting in silence-meditation

Week 9: How, when and what to eat

Week 10: Cooking demo- the heart of health and healing

Week 11: Detoxing the body - why, when, how.

Week 12. Feed Back

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Body Love:-


  • 12 weeks of 60 minute live classes recorded for later use

  • Live weekly virtual talks

  • Body Love workbook to download and printout

  • Access to private online group support

  • Food recipes and demonstrations or cook along

  • Skin care recipes and demonstrations

  • Two 60 minute private consultation/coaching sessions with me

  • A certification of completion will be available upon...... of home work assignments and a test at the end 


A pass to YOGAveda Spring Cleanse…


  • An with the cleanse guidelines

  • Recipes for cleansing 

  • Online support

  • Direct contact with me


Easy monthly payments

3 Easy Payments of $230.00 USD



Payments start the day you register. A $90.00 administration fee has been added to the 3 - month payment plan.




Best value!


1 Easy Payment of $590.00 USD



No administration fees.

You save $90.00

Starts January 4th 2021

Registration closes December 31st 2020

Daily self-care will keep you out of the Doctor's office

Body Love self-care practices are easy to do and fun!
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