Body Love


Create Health and Harmony

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A three month program available at your finger tips

   Body Love 

is a complete self-care program based on Ayurveda's daily health habits (Dinacharya) designed to optimize your health and live in harmony.    Ayurveda is a wholistic health and healing system that originates in India and emphasizes great importance on establishing a healthy daily routine which is the foundation to good health.  Routine regularises a person's biological clock, aids digestion, absorption and assimilation, and generates self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness, and longevity.   

A 3 Month Dynamic Journey 

Master Daily Self-Care & Food Habits 

This course is suitable for all women of all walks of life and all stages of health from autoimmune disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, heart disease, and cancer.... to people who are already very healthy and looking for the next edge in their peak performance and deep rejuvenation.   

    Part of the power of this program is it's all levels approach


I will not only teach you but coach you into the habits so that they become part of your daily life.    I have a strong teaching background in Yoga and Ayurveda (30 years +) and I love helping women create a healthy life style that works for them based on where they are.

                I will have your back every step of the way 


This is unlike most other programs where you are just sent pre-recorded videos and then left to your devices with no support or accountability. 

I will be teaching and coaching you in Ayurveda health habits live every week, you'll be able to ask me questions as well as hearing other members, shares, struggles and break throughs.


 Forming new health habits together is easier

And if you’re already an experienced Wellness Pro or Yoga Teacher, this course will elevate your skills alongside bolstering your own personal integrity with your daily health habits.  As you deepen your integrity and gain deeper insights into Ayurveda, you'll see why Body Love  is the perfect choice.


Here's what you'll get when you sign up 

Weekly ZOOM video conference interactive classes 

  Live weekly virtual tips and demonstrations on Face Book

 Body Love workbook to download and printout full of

charts, planners, worksheets, checklists and recipes.

Access to private facebook group support 

TWO 40 minute private consultation/coaching sessions 


      Access to my Spring OR fall Cleanse + bring a friend!


   An with the cleanse guidelines

   Recipes for cleansing 

  Online community support led by me





 I am so happy to have done the Body Love program!

   I have learned many healthy habits that I make part of my daily practice. Usha is very knowledgeable and encouraging the whole way through. She reminded us how to give “body love” to ourselves and make the changes lasting. —Mary Meade

 I want to stay on this self-care path because I feel so good 
  Through the practice of dry skin brushing and self massage I really connect with my body, I notice areas that need extra attention, like sore knees or tired legs and feel the immediate benefits afterwards that last me through out my day. —Ayla Douglas
Ayla photo.jpg
Body Love gave me a way to take care of myself and put my health into my own hands
  Body Love makes it easy, with do-able and benefits that improved my skin, energy and digestion. Usha gives great instruction and guidance for taking this daily practice on for a life of good health.   Jen Kagan - Yoga Teacher                                                                                                                                              

Why I think you will love this


The practices are easy to do and the results are noticeable.  You’ll have a complete set of self care tools from head to toe to take with you where ever you go.


Make your own food AND skin products to suit your Dosha, it's fun, creative and easy.


Making changes alone is hard but when you are part of a supportive  group of people who are actively evolving it makes it easier.  You may even find an action partner!



You will get to design your own habit plan to fit into your life according to what you need so you can maximise your time for what you want to do.


12 weeks of  live classes and coaching to help you implement the health practices and reach your goals.


The practises are inexpensive and effective, they will keep you out of the Doctors office and help you save money.


The classes will be recorded and sent to you to watch at your convenience.


                       What we will cover........ 

Week 1:    Orientation - Setting your intentions and health goals
Week 2:    The Doshas (personal constitution) & what yours is

Week 3:    Ayurveda's clock- living in time with nature 

Week 4:   Evening habits - creating quality sleep

Week 5:    Morning habits - giving steady and lasting energy

Week 6:    Self massage - for glowing skin and mobile joints 

Week 7:    Being still - breathing and meditation practices

Week 8:    Exercise - according to your Dosha and needs

Week 9:    The senses - eyes, ears, nose and tongue

Week 10:   Eating - for the Doshas and seasons 

Week 11:  Kitchen - food using Ayurveda's six tastes concept

Week 12:  Detoxing the body - why, when, how???

My Story

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Hello I'm Usha and I  grew up in England.  My studies and practices of  Yoga took me across several continents over four decades; each master, each body of knowledge leading me to the next step. 


   I first discovered Ayurveda whilst I was a full time yoga teacher living in Manhattan NYC.  At that time I was a vegetarian and dealing with sugar cravings which lead to weight imbalances, mood swings, painful periods, emotional eating and often not feeling good in my body or mind.

   Ayurveda has taught me the importance of proper nourishment and self-care through food and Dinacharya (Ayurveda's daily health habits).  As I approach my 60th year I feel vibrant, strong yet flexible, content but curious and in a place of wanting to teach, and share all that I know about these ancient teachings and practises for current times.  


   Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience in helping people feel calmer, find their ideal weight and improve their digestion all through practising Ayurveda’s daily health habits (Dinacharya).

   I am deeply committed to Ayurveda and am passionate about helping others taking charge of their health and wellness so they can live a life of vibrancy, balance and joy.


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