On this retreat you will learn...

• The principles of Ayurveda ("life Knowledge)

• Your Dosha (constitution)

• Hatha Yoga to restore the body

• Breathing techniques to calm the nervous system

• Mantras and Mudras to uplift the spirit

• Meditation for focusing the mind

• YOGAveda's daily health rituals for living well


7 Days 7 nights Yoga Retreat

A unique retreat where through the

practices of yoga and Ayurveda you get to renew your body, honour life and remember the dead. 

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""Make new commitments to live a healthy and meaningful life.  Retreat, reflect, renew!" 
Remember the Dead, Celebrate Life!

Commemorate loved ones who have died, through contemplation, meditation and ritual. Celebrate life by partaking in the charming festivities that are unique to San Miguel's Day of the Dead. 


The body is a vehicle that needs maintaining, the mind is the driver which needs to rest, yoga shows the way!


Proper nutrition is the key to good health.  We serve delicious vegetarian food that's prepared using Ayurveda principles, fresh, homemade, seasonally appropriate,  local produce.

Lodging - Casa Anna

 A beautifully renovated colonial style residence located in the historic center. 

Rooms and prices 



Top floor, king size bed and fireplace, en-suite bathroom with private terrace overlooking the city, adjoining reading room with writing desk and day bed. 

Cost $2,050.00 USD Single person occupancy

Cost $3,500.00 USD Two persons occupancy (a couple)                                                                 


Ground floor, king size bed, en-suite bathroom, open air patio seating.

Cost $1,900.00 USD Single person occupancy

Cost $3,350.00 USD Two persons occupancy (a couple)      


Second floor, queen size bed and fireplace, shared en-suite bathroom.

Cost $1,570 USD Single person occupancy


Second floor, cute cosy room, twin beds, shared bathroom.

Cost $1,500 USD Per person occupancy, two person availability.


*10% discount for bookings by September 1st*

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OCT 28th - NOV 4th                 2019       
       San Miguel de Allende
A colonial oasis in the country’s central highlands, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its gothic - like architecture, enchanting cobblestone streets and striking light make it one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. 
You will have an opportunity to explore this delightful small city steeped with history, filled with art galleries, artesian gifts, and charming cafes.
Fly into Leon airport or Queretaro and we will have a shuttle waiting for you to bring you to your yoga retreat destination at Casa Anna.  
Remember * Relax * Recharge




Usha your retreat leader