Simply the best Yoga Instructor in San Miguel!

Usha embodies the true meaning of yoga. She brings love and discipline to her class and guides you through the asanas to ensure you are using proper alignment and getting the full benefit of each pose. Her background in Ayurvedic medicine is a nice compliment to her style of teaching along with the knowledge she shares with her class.........Michelle Dutch

Soar with Usha!

Usha is a profoundly talented and giving instructor. I have known and practised yoga with her for almost ten years now and continue to be impressed by her generous spirit and attention to each of her students. Unlike many, she has a deep understanding of the true meaning of yoga philosophy and skillfully shares her experience with students while guiding them in their asana practice. Enjoy your yoga with Usha.......Paige Ramsey

Usha was born to teach yoga!

As a result, I have not been able to replicate my experience as her student anywhere else. Usha's teaching acumen provides all of the tools necessary to experience the perfect yoga practice: the studio space, the lighting, the music, the soothing energy, the attention to detail, the hands-on posture corrections, and, most importantly, Usha's calming and gentle demeanour. Usha is the "yoga whisperer." I have looked for the USA version of Usha but have not been successful not even in NYC.......Pat Post Kochanski

Individual Attention!

Usha sets a powerful example for students. Her physical strength and flexibility in demonstrating and teaching yoga postures and breathing techniques present a model for students. Each class includes focusing on a mental aspect that students are invited to choose, based on what their need or desire is for that day. Usha's classes are comprehensive, exercising all muscle groups harmoniously. She models and teaches both the spiritual practice and discipline that are foundational in yoga. After six months of class with Usha, I am both stronger and more flexible physically. I leave each class with a peace of mind, feeling spiritually refreshed, and energized........Melinda Wilson

A Full Endorsement

Usha is a highly experienced instructor with a welcoming personality who shows interest in each of her students and provides individual attention as needed.  The combination of a caring, knowledgeable teacher and a lovely setting makes for a great yoga practice - three times a week!.....Vickie


Personable and Skilled

Usha has been an excellent teacher for me for several years. She is very grounded in the fundamentals, is warm and caring and has a lovely sense of humour. Her Ayurvedic massage is masterful!.......Mary Lou Hopkins


Feel a whole lot better...

My range of motion has significantly increased since beginning Yoga practice with Usha. Paying attention to my previous injuries, she has worked with me to increase strength and flexibility. This has helped me immensely in daily life and has also improved stamina and comfort for things like playing my heavy bass guitar and motorcycle riding. Usha’s knowledge and experience allow her to tailor sessions such that each participant gets the maximum benefit. It is not easy, but as they say, you have to do the work to get the benefits. Usha pushes you to Your limit, helping you to recognize and reach it but not go beyond. Highly recommended!....Jim Douglas

Re-energize with Usha
Usha is a fantastic yoga teacher. She explains the movements and poses so completely and simply, and she keeps an eye on everyone as they follow her instructions, ensuring that we have proper alignment and not hurt ourselves. She is hands-on and will help you make adjustments according to your body and your flexibility on that particular day. Already my left shoulder is feeling better and has more range of motion and I think I can avoid surgery if I continue with her direction.
When I leave her classes I feel relaxed, focused, and energized, and ready to face the day.  And, I take her Ayurvedic tips seriously; she imparts information she can see our body needs........Ayla Douglas


"Usha is a very skilled and kind yoga instructor.  She offers personalized help and individual attention in her small studio. I have enjoyed her Yin Yoga / Gentle Yoga classes. A great way to return to my neglected yoga practice after recovering from surgery.  Her Yin Yoga classes are  just the ticket for relaxing the mind and improving flexibility."  ~Anita Austin

Usha’s YinYoga has been very beneficial for this ageing body.  She’s an excellent teacher who knows her stuff and can work with individual physical limitations while intuitively knowing when to push a person a little further.  I particularly like this glass—which is no piece of cake BTW—because it does not involve a lot of getting up and down like traditional yoga.....Melissa Thompson


A massage from Usha is a healing and energy reviving experience.  Her sensitivity to the client's body-mind condition enables her to identify and provide what a person really needs.  She is a true gem.......Marcella Vera

Usha's massages are masterful she has just the right blend of touch and technique.  I highly recommend her........Janine Sagert


Usha did an Ayurvedic consultation for me 6 months ago. I visited her because they detected a prolactinoma 6 years ago which was controlled for several years, however, my prolactin levels had gone up again and I was feeling very stressed out, tired and anxious. I just felt like I was in the middle of a tornado. Usha was able to diagnose what was happening to me and she gave me several ayurvedic remedies and therapies which I adapted into my daily routine. I recently saw her and she asked me about my health issues and I answered: "Which health issues?".   All my symptoms are completely gone now and I had a radical change in my life since then. I am really grateful with her support and I highly recommend her therapy.......Nadia Merkel