Dosha Yoga

      Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one to meet our uniquely different and individual needs. Some students require a more vigorous practice and others a calmer gentler one.  By opting for private classes you'll learn what your Dosha is (unique constitution) which asanas are appropriate for you and how to approach and modify them accordingly.  You will feel empowered by a Yoga practice that's specific for you!

Dosha Yoga One on One 

 I will create a practice based on your Dosha and take into consideration your current health any physical issues and what your long term goals are.

 By incorporating postures (Asanas), stretches, breathing (Pranayama), relaxation and meditation together we will craft a practice that is specific for you!

Our first Yoga class together includes an assessment to determine what your Dosha is, the current state of your health any physical issues and goals.

$90.00 USD 90 mins.


After the assessment session, classes are priced as follows:

Single session $60.00 USD 60 mins.

4 classes for $.220.00 USD (one class a week) 60 mins.

8 classes for $400.00 USD (two classes a week) 60 mins.

NOTE: Prices quoted are for classes in my studio, an additional travelling fee will be added when going to your place.


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