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Looking for a unique way to celebrate or to enhance your stay in San Miguel?  From birthdays to weddings, family reunions to bridal showers, coming of age and even adding to your group retreat I offer a variety of holistic workshops/classes and ceremonial circles to mark your event in a meaningful way.







Themed Hatha Yoga class: Setting intentions and affirmations for your yoga practice provides grounding and deepens the connection to your purpose.

Body Love:  My most popular workshop! Learn how to care for your body by applying ancient Ayurvedic self-care rituals that will make you GLOW!    

Mind Balance:  Meditation, mantras, mala beads (similar to a rosary) and essential oils are used as powerful tools to help you gain focus, clarity, intention peace and harmony.  

Ayurveda cooking::  Prepare and cook a delicious vegetarian meal that includes the six tastes according to Ayurveda.  Afterwards, we'll sit down to eat the meal.

Essential oils for  everyday A hands-on workshop where you learn about the 10 most useful pure and high-quality essential oils to enhance your health.  

Massages:  Ayurvedic Wellness massage uses natural oils infused with high-grade essential oils suitable for the client's body type, season and climate. 


I can host the occasion in my studio or present on site. 

Additional offerings can be brought into the occasion upon request, treat your guest of honour, friends or family to a heavenly scented lavender eye pillow, an essential oil, a massage oil, a mala (prayer beads) and other heavenly delights see my online shop for more gift ideas. 

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Pricing is dependant on the number of people in your party and what you choose

Contact me for a consultation to meet your unique needs

Clients always tell me they remember these unique moments for years to come.
      Private group Yoga class AIr B & B

        Essential oils for wellness 

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  "Mind Balance" mala beads for meditation

     "Body Love" wedding group
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 Yoga classes at your hotel  just for you!